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ENS 2010: Berlin, Germany · 19 – 23 June 2010


As part of the 20th Meeting of the ENS 2010, an industrial exhibition will be placed close to all other congress activities such as lecture halls, poster exhibition and recreation areas.

In this industrial exhibition, diagnostic, pharmaceutical and other related companies from all over the world will be given the opportunity to put on display their products, services and new technical solutions. It provides a valuable forum to share practical aspects and to discuss recent advances and future trends.

Exhibition Dates and Times


20 June 2010
21 June 2010
22 June 2010
23 June 2010

10.00 h –16.30 h
10.00 h –16.30 h
10.00 h –16.30 h
09.00 h –13.30 h

Exhibition Floor Plan

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