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ENS 2010: Berlin, Germany · 19 – 23 June 2010

Social Events

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Welcome Reception

19:30 – 21:00

The Welcome Reception will take place in the “Sauriersaal” (dinosaur hall) as well as in other interesting halls of the world-famous Museum of Natural History in Berlin.

As a part of the University, it displays unique artefacts such as the world’s biggest dinosaur skeleton (24m long) and more than 30 million objects in its zoology, palaeontology, geology and mineralogical collections.

Enjoy visiting the museum among your colleagues and friends, with a drink and a taste of German food.

address: Invalidenstrasse 43, 10115 Berlin

All participants, exhibitors and registered accompanying persons are invited to the reception. Please note that the space in the Museum of Natural History is limited.
We strongly recommend to register in advance as registrations are handled on a first come – first served basis.

Sunday, 20 June 2010

After the Welcome Recept

Chamber Music in the Charité


After the reception, a chamber music recital will take place within walking distance of the Welcome Reception.

The lecture hall of the department of Dermatology which is a part of the Charité with its historic charm, presents a unique location that has made for an unforgettable experience for guests from all over the world.

Exit the Museum, turn right into "Invalidenstrasse" for 100 yards, turn left into "Luisenstrasse", walk under and beyond the Overpath (D), turn right through the iron gate with the large blue W2010; in the courtyard follow the signs to the Cafeteria, then turn right to Entrance doors "Hans Lesser Haus", walk up the stairs to top floor (Hörsaal).

Music by Mozart, Chopin, and Dvorak will be performed by the Japanese-German pianist Fumiko Shiraga and amateur violinist Klaus V. Toyka. The duet has performed at many international congresses and university celebrations around Europe and overseas.

address: Hautklinik (Dermatology) CharitéUniversity Hospital, Luisenstrasse 2, 10117 Berlin

The hall holds up to 320 people and pre-registering is obligatory. Tickets can be obtained a the secretariat.

Tickets can be ordered with the registration form or via the online registration.

€ 5.–

Tuesday, June 22, 2010



TIPI Zelt am Kanzleramt (TIPI Tent at the Chancellors’ Office)
Where turn-of-the-century Berliners once enjoyed themselves “In the Tents“, in the middle of the leafy Tiergarten park, stands the TIPI. This sophisticated canvas theatre, right next to the Chancellors’ Office, is the ideal venue for this outstanding evening. The tent is an architectural joy and provides a unique view of the Reichstag.
This year’s Annual Meeting Banquet will take place in Berlin’s well known ‘TIPI Tent’ located in the middle of the Tiergarden park, a lush garden situated in the heart of the city. This unique ‘Tent’ is a chic canvas theatre, and was a centre for entertainment in turn-of-the-century Berlin.

While dining, you will enjoy an exceptional programme of entertainment appropriate to this tradition.

address: Grosse Querallee, 10557 Berlin
(Bus 100 or M85, S-Bahn: Hauptbahnhof or Brandenburger Tor, U-Bahn: U55 Bundestag)

Watch out for Blond Women

Berlin was famous for its Cabaret style entertainment during the 1920s, and Elke Kottmair will exilerate you back into this golden era with her high-energy musical cabaret Watch out for Blond Women.
Whether as a silly film star, a lascivious vamp, a cocky girl or a scolding cleaning lady, Elke Kottmair will quickly change costumes and roles, while at the same time demonstrating both vocally and dramatically that from a polished Belcanto Sopran performance to a suspiciously sounding comical routine, no limits are set.
She will be accompanied by the pianist Denette Whitter, a musician who will not only set criteria while at the piano.

Neurological Magician

For those who have their doubts, neurologists do perform magic. Proof of this statement lies in the sorcery of Reinhard Hohlfeld, Munich. He is one of the speakers of the Presidential Symposium, and will also entertain you during the Banquet with an exciting range of magical performances.

World-Famous Break Dance Group

During the Banquet you will also be entertained by the world champions in Break Dancing, Ersen Shaliani, Mentor Shalijani and their dancing group.
They will increase the action and excitement on the stage of the TIPI Tent.

€ 95.–