Invited Speakers

Invited speakers only!

Only speakers invited by the Programme Committee and wishing to submit an abstract for their invited lecture, may do so at this link. All abstracts for general review must use the link “Call for abstracts” on the website index.

Deadline for invited speaker submission:
1st December 2011


Please note the following points when preparing your abstract 

1.     Please use UK English spelling.

2.     The abstract text may not be longer than 2’500 characters, including spaces. Tables, charts and other graphics are permitted and must be in JPG or GIF format and of high resolution – a separate upload button is provided (max. 1 graphic per abstract)

3.     Avoid complex mathematical formulae. For the symbols ≤ or ≥ type instead <= or >=. For superscript use caret (^) e.g. 10^6 instead of 106. Do not use Greek letters and symbols. Instead of ‘IFN- γ’ use for example ‘IFN-g’ or ‘IFN-gamma’.

4.     Spelling Guidelines: The International System of Units (SI) should be used wherever appropriate. Genus and species names should be written in full on first mention and then abbreviated on subsequent mention.

The following general rules apply (examples in brackets):


·       Systematic names (genus, family and higher orders): capitalised (Chlamydia, Enterobacteriaceae, Picornaviridae). Italicising will be done by the editors.

·       Non-systematic names (e.g. plural): lower case (Group A streptococci, mycobacteria, chlamydiae).

·       Generic drug names: lower case (penicillin).

·       Brand names: capitalised with trademark symbol (Rocephin®).

·       Diseases and viruses: lower case (hepatitis, herpes zoster, herpesvirus, West Nile virus).

·       Please observe standard English grammar rules including a space after full stops and commas.

·       Only common abbreviations approved for use by CMI can be used without definition. For details consult the ESCMID website at, Clinical Microbiology & Infection, Guidelines for Authors.

5.     You are asked to write the name of the symposium in which your abstract will be presented.

6.     After having submitted your abstract, you will receive a confirmation by email with your personal access codes (please make sure to state your correct email address!). Should you wish to make corrections to an abstract already submitted or if you wish to submit other abstracts later, you may use your personal access codes. Corrections to abstracts can only be made up to the deadline of 1st December 2011.
If you do not receive a confirmation by email please contact the abstract hotline

7.     Official notification of when your presentation is scheduled will be sent to invited speakers on January 2012.


If you have difficulties in submitting your abstracts or if you need any further information,

please contact the Abstract hotline:

Phone +41 61 686 77 22 (Monday – Friday during CET business hours)

The abstract submission for Invited Speakers has been closed.

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