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Patient & Family Day

Following the success of the five previous Patient & Family Days held in Lyon in 2007, in Florence 2008, in Gothenburg 2009, in Vienna 2010 and in Paris 2011, a comprehensive and informative Patient & Family Day is planned for Geneva on Saturday, 31 March 2012.

The Patient & Family Day’s theme “Life after stem cell transplantation” will be brought up during Plenary Lectures and Roundtable Sessions in the afternoon.

Satellite Symposia

The EBMT meeting will begin on Sunday morning, 1 April 2012 with a comprehensive programme of Satellite Symposia prepared by leading companies in the field in liaison with the EBMT 2012 Scientific Committee.

EBMT Lecture / Van Bekkum Award

The official Opening Session will be held on Sunday evening, 1 April 2012 with the prestigious EBMT Lecture, followed by the Van Bekkum Award.

The Van Bekkum award is bestowed on the best abstract submitted to the EBMT Annual Meeting and is selected by the EBMT Board.

Presidential Symposium / Basic Science Award

The Presidential Symposium includes the best abstracts on basic science and clinical topics. An award for the Best Basic Science Abstract will be presented during the Presidential Symposium.

Educational Sessions

Educational session topics will give a broad overview of current standard treatment and trends in stem cell transplantation.

Workshop Sessions

Workshop sessions include the discussion of technical procedures and clinical management issues and allow the opportunity for questions and answers.

Controversies Sessions

This is an attractive form for debating controversial topics. Under the supervision and guidance of a chair, opposing arguments are put forward by two speakers representing different view points. The audience will have a chance to state their opinions regarding the debated topic.

Working Parties

The Working Party sessions form the cornerstones of the meeting, providing delegates with an overview of study developments and projects.

The programme will be developed together with the chairpersons and active members of the eleven EBMT working parties:

  • Acute Leukaemia
  • Aplastic Anaemia
  • Autoimmune Diseases
  • Chronic Leukaemias
  • Immunobiology
  • Inborn Errors
  • Infectious Diseases
  • Late Effects
  • Lymphoma
  • Paediatric Diseases
  • Solid Tumours

Plenary Sessions & Joint Sessions

There will be five Plenary Sessions and four Joint Sessions, organized in collaboration with partner societies and the EBMT Nurses Group:

  • Joint Session: Physicians / Nurses
  • Joint Session: EBMT / WMDA
  • Joint Session: WBMT

Worldwide Network for Blood and Marrow Transplantation
World Marrow Donor Association

Cell Processing Sessions

The first Cell Processing Day on Monday, 2 April 2012 is organized jointly by EBMT and ISCT (International Society for Cellular Therapy).
It is intended for persons working in the cell processing laboratory as technicians, working on the bench, biologists and physicians directly involved in cell processing, cell processing laboratory managers and persons responsible for quality assessment of the cell processing part.

Paediatric Sessions

Almost all paediatric activities such as educational, working party, scientific and poster sessions have been regrouped and will take place on Tuesday, 3 April 2012 – the Paediatric Day.

Oral Sessions

Presentations for the oral sessions will be selected from submitted abstracts based on the quality of the abstract, which will be scored by at least three independent referees.

Poster Sessions

Poster sessions will be held on the Monday and Tuesday evenings. Posters will be on display throughout the whole day, but presenting authors will be available during these evening sessions to discuss their work and answer any questions.

EBMT Educational Day for Nurses and Allied Health Professionals

The focus of the 8th Annual Education Day will be “Early and late effects after HSCT, and their impact of the patient’s quality of life.”
This pre-meeting day is meant as an education day and to highlight this we have made some changes this year. The presentations for the sessions will be placed on the website post the meeting together with, speaker CV, reading list and documents explaining the aims for this day as a “Meeting in a box”. The aim of this concept is to enable for nurses in Europe to set up this “Education Day” in their own countries. Furthermore, there will not be any advanced session. Our ambition is that nurses and allied health professionals, regardless of their experience within the field of HSCT, will have something new to learn from this day and bring home to their own practice.

Nurses Group

The Nurses’ group looks forward to meeting you at EBMT 2012 in Geneva. The meeting this year will include the usual combination of educational, workshops (limited attendance) plenary, orally presented abstracts and posters. The meeting will open on Monday with a session highlighting the activity of the EBMT Nurses group and presentation of the 4th Distinguished Merit Award. We are also delighted to be able to present a keynote speaker for this year, Prof. Dr. Nora Kearney, director of the Cancer Care Research Centre of the University of Stirling (UK). She will talk about nursing research and how education can improve the profile of the BMT nurse.

As a meeting, EBMT give us a great opportunity for collaboration between disciplines and the joint session is one. The topic of this year’s joint session will be communication “See all, hear all, say everything” how to prevent miscommunication”.

Data Management Group

The Data Management Group will organize educational sessions and practical ProMISe sessions. During the meeting, group training sessions on the internet data management system, ProMISe 2 will take place in the main computer room. Please register in advance on the congress registration form.

JACIE Session

The 2012 JACIE Session will take place on Monday, 4 April. This popular one hour session will include an interesting, informative and thought-provoking presentation for anybody involved in the process of JACIE accreditation.

4th EBMT Quality Management Meeting

Following the success of the past EBMT Quality Management Meetings it was decided to make it a mainstay of the EBMT Congress Programme. As observed during the previous Quality Management Meetings, this is a fantastic opportunity for people working in quality management to share experiences and to meet colleagues also working in this increasingly important area. This year’s  meeting will include lectures and workshops.

Please note: The 4th EBMT Quality Management Meeting is open to all delegates attending EBMT 2012. Pre-registration, on the congress registration form, is encouraged to facilitate logistics and to create a database for future communications relating to quality management activities.

Abstract Submission Deadlines:

  21 November 2011  »  Nurses Group
  15 December 2011    »  Physicians & Data Management Group