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ENS 2011: Lisbon, Portugal · 28 – 31 May 2011


Sunday, 29 May 2011

17.30 – 19.30

Presidential Symposium Treatment of muscle diseases:
The future is already here

Z. Argov (Jerusalem, IL)

Can we bypass a muscle metabolic defect?

Z. Argov (Jerusalem, IL)

Exercise therapy in muscle disease: A current overview

T. Taivassalo (Montreal, CA)

Antisense therapy of muscular dystrophies

F. Muntoni (London, UK)

Gene therapy for myopathies

J. Mendell (Columbus, US)

Monday, 30 May 2011

09.00 – 11.00

Symposium Molecular and cellular mechanisms of ischaemic stroke

G. Stoll (Würzburg, DE)
J. Ferro (Lisbon, PT)

This symposium is given in collaboration between the ENS and ESO.

Novel molecular targets for acute stroke treatment

G. Stoll (Würzburg, DE)

Brain-immune interactions, infection, and inflammation in acute stroke

X. Urra (Barcelona, ES)

Hypothermia: From animal models and translation to humans

S. Schwab (Erlangen, DE)

Stem cells in experimental stroke: Translation to humans?

E. Diez Tejedor (Madrid, ES)
09.00 – 11.00

Symposium Psychiatric aspects of neurological disorders

H. Förstl (Munich, DE)

Behaviour and theory of mind in frontotemporal dementia

H. Förstl (Munich, DE)

Psychiatric aspects of PSP, MSA and ALS

A.C. Ludolph (Ulm, DE)

Psychiatric symptoms in Parkinson’s disease

E. Ruzicka (Prague, CZ)

Behavioural and psychological symptoms of dementia (BPSD) in Alzheimer’s disease: Update on management

R. Heun (Birmingham, UK)

Tuesday, 31 May 2011

09.00 – 11.00

Symposium Metals and movement disorders

Chair: P. Taba (Tartu, EE)

Wilson’s disease

E. Barbosa (Sao Paulo, BR)

Neurodegeneration with brain iron accumulation (NBIA) syndroms

K. Bhatia (London, UK)

Manganese-related movement disorders

P. Taba (Tartu, EE)

Metal ions and neurodegeneration

P. Jenner (London, UK)

This symposium is based on the input of the ENS Subcommittee Movement Disorders (Chair: K. Bhatia (London, UK))
09.00 – 11.00

Symposium Biomarkers for diagnosis, prognosis and response to treatment in MS

Chair: R. Martin (Hamburg, DE)


R. Martin (Hamburg, DE)

Genetic markers

J. Hillert (Stockholm, SE)

CSF markers

G. Giovannoni (London, UK)

Magnetic resonance imaging

M. Filippi (Milan, IT)

This symposium is based on the input of the ENS Subcommittee Multiple Sclerosis & Demyelinative Diseases of CNS (Chair: G. Comi (Milan, IT))