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FIDIC 2011 business programme

All business sessions take place in the Congress Centre, Davos. A number of speakers are still being re-confirmed and will be added to the programme page as they are confirmed.

Local Resources – Global Perspectives

« Compétences locales – Perspectives globales »

Advanced skills rooted in viable and effective organisations are essential for supplying state-of-the-art solutions to global challenges.

The vital ingredients for success can only be maintained in a wide variety of very different contexts by enhancing the capacity of local industries, their partners, firms, and the people involved.

The key to capacity development is to ensure that the resources of the consulting industry and its partners continue to match client needs everywhere in key areas in line with global trends and international best practice.

Consulting engineers – the knowledge experts:

FIDIC 2011 will apply the lessons of FIDIC 2009 London and FIDIC 2010 Delhi to focus on what creates the real successes of this industry, and enables quality services to be provided to meet the growing demands of society – its human resources. When all is said and done, the consulting engineering industry is all about providing professional advice – how can the industry best develop and provide the skills required to meet these demands today and tomorrow?

FIDIC 2011 recognises that advanced skills must be embedded effectively in organisations in order to supply innovative, state-of-the-art solutions to global challenges. The vital ingredients for success can only be maintained in a wide variety of contexts by enhancing the capacity of the local consulting engineering industry, its partners and firms, and the people involved, and by bridging the gap between developed and developing countries.

Three main themes:

FIDIC 2011 will provide a new perspective to the phrase Think Global, Act Local, as the industry assesses its strengths and weaknesses, the challenges and opportunities for a more rational harnessing of our available human potential, a strategy for building capacities, and the integration of our future leaders within the industry. A better balance is required between less developed economies; developing economies, and developed economies. Engineers will have a crucial role in delivering sustainable solutions to global challenges. Designed within the African context, FIDIC’s conference will focus on Africa to highlight many of the issues covered by the agenda, despite the need to relocate to a new venue at relatively short notice.