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General Information A-Z

Accompanying Persons Programme

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For questions regarding hotel bookings, please contact Congrex Travel Ltd.:

FIDIC 2012
c/o Congrex Travel Ltd.
Peter Merian-Strasse 80Phone+41 61 690 94 11
4002 Basel, SwitzerlandFax+41 61 690 94 14

or the Secretariat onsite.



Incheon International Airport is the largest airport in Korea and has frequent connections with destinations worldwide and major Asian cities.

For travel information from and to the airport. For further information about the airport, please visit www.airport.kr/eng/

A Welcome and Information Desk will welcome you to Incheon International Airport and will provide you with any assistance you may need. The desk will be located between gates 12 and 13 at Incheon International Airport.

Opening hours from 7 to 9 September 2012: 
07.00 to 22.30

ATM Machines

Nearly all ATM machines operate in English. If you are using a foreign card you must look for an ATM machine that has a logo or sticker saying “Global ATM”. They are usually only to be found in the bank lobby or tourist areas. Most ATMs operate from 09.00 to 23.00, but a few are available 24 hours. Restrictions on the amount that can be withdrawn vary between KRW 100’000 and KRW 700’000 per day. Outside banking hours a higher commission might be charged.

Badges and Vouchers

Admission to the conference events, both business and social, is only possible with your badge and / or voucher.

All participants are requested to wear their badges throughout the conference. Vouchers can be kept in the badge holder for convenience.

The badges are colour-coded as follows:

  • Participants - Blue badge without bar
  • Young Professionals - Blue badge without bar
  • Accompanying Persons - Red badge without bar
  • FIDIC Executive Committee - Blue badge without bar
  • Speaker - Blue badge with blue-coloured bar

For on-site changes of name badges due to incorrect submission of name and/or address data, a fee of USD 20 will be charged.


Please see "Currency and Banking" below.

Cancellation, Refund Policy and Responsibility

Refund of registration fees, less 25 % administrative charges, could have been applied for in writing until 8 August 2012 to the Administrative Secretariat in Basel. After this date a refund is no longer possible.

The participant acknowledges that he / she has no right to lodge damage claims against the organisers should the holding of the conference be hindered or prevented by political events (such as acts of terrorism, danger of hostility, war, etc.) or by unexpected economic events or generally by force majeure, or should the non-appearance of speakers or other reasons necessitate programme changes. With his / her registration, the participant accepts this proviso.

Climate and Clothing

The conference takes place in late summer with average temperatures between 17 – 26 degrees. The climate during this time can be very humid. Participants should bring summer clothing for events, and in general be prepared for summer rains. Also pack a light jacket for cooler temperatures in the evening.

Formal dress is not required for the conference business programme (smart casual recommended). For excursions and tours, casual wear and sturdy footwear is advised.

The following dress codes apply for the social events:

  • Welcome Reception: smart casual or national dress
  • Opening Ceremony: business suit
  • Local Colour Night: smart casual
  • Gala Dinner: business attire or national dress (black tie optional)


The cloakroom is free of charge for conference participants and is available at the main conference entrance (North Gate). It is operated during the opening hours of the Secretariat.

Credit Cards

Credit cards are widely accepted by major hotels, shops, restaurants and retail outlets. It is advised to check with your credit card company for merchant acceptability and other services that may be available. Cash payment is still very common in Seoul. Therefore it is recommended to take a supply of KRW 10’000 notes.

Currency and Banking

The Korean currency is the Won (KRW). Notes come in denominations of KRW 1’000, KRW 5’000 and KRW 10’000, coins exist with KRW 10, KRW 50, KRW 100 and KRW 500.

1 USD = 1’133 (exchange rate 16 August 2012)

Bank opening hours vary, but are generally between 09.30 and 16.30 from Mondays to Fridays and from 09.30 – 13.30 on Saturdays.

Please see also “ATM Machines”


Please see “Cancellation, Refund Policy and Responsibility”


The standard electricity supply is 220 volts. Although Korea uses both the 110 and 220-volts system, the use of 220-volts system is more widespread and common. Most hotels have 220-volt wiring installed, but may provide outlet converters for 110 to 220 volts. It is advised to check with the hotel in advance.


Please visit the exhibition booths in the foyer of the Grand Ballroom.

FIDIC Mobile App

Navigate through the entire FIDIC business programme from your iPhone, iPad, Android or Blackberry. Synchronise your preferred lectures with your personal diary and find your way on the conference grounds by means of the interactive 3D map.

Gala Dinner

Please contact the Conference Secretariat for seating order requests.

Health Insurance

Visitors to Korea are advised to check travel insurance coverage prior to departure. A full travel insurance package is recommended for all travellers.


Please see “Accommodation”

Insurance and Liability

While every care is taken to ensure a comfortable and pleasant conference, kindly note that the organisers are not responsible for any mishaps during the conference and that the registration fees do not include provision for the insurance of participants against personal accidents, sickness, theft or property damages. Participants and accompanying persons are advised to organise their own personal insurance. Please also see “Health Insurance” above.


An Internet Corner will be available for participants in the foyer of the Grand Ballroom during the opening hours of the Secretariat and Registration Desk from Monday, 10 September 2012 until Wednesday, 12 September 2012.

Most hotels offer well equipped business centres with Internet, phone and fax devices.

Please also refer to “WiFi“.

Language and Translation

The official conference language is English. No simultaneous translation will be provided, except during The Opening Ceremony.

Korean is the official language of Korea. Basic English is understood and spoken in the cities. In general English is not a common language in Korea.

Local Information Desk

The Local Information Desk is located next to the main conference entrance (North Gate).

The staff will provide participants with any kind of local information such as recommendations of restaurants, opening hours of museums and sights, tour options (apart from those offered by the conference organisers) and schedules of public transportation systems.

Lunches and Coffee Breaks

During the conference, FIDIC offers coffee breaks and lunches for conference participants.

Accompanying persons are welcome to attend the coffee break taking place directly after the Opening Ceremony.

GAMA will have their own lunch on Tuesday, 11 September 2012.

Mobile Phones

Please note that mobile phones must be switched off during all sessions.

Opening Hours of the Secretariat and Registration Desk

The Secretariat and Registration Desk will be open during the following hours:

Sunday, 9 September 201213.00 – 18.30
Monday, 10 September 201208.00 – 17.45
Tuesday, 11 September 201208.15 – 17.45
Wednesday, 12 September 201208.15 – 16.00


A photographer will be present at the main conference sessions and social events. Selected photos will be made available for download on the conference website.


All texts and presentations that were submitted by the speakers will be available on the conference website after the conference.

Presenters / Speakers

All presenters are asked to hand in their presentations at the Speakers Service Centre at least one hour before the start of the respective session.

The Speakers Service Centre is located on the first floor of the conference centre.

In the Speakers Service Centre presenters can check their presentations which can be handed in on USB sticks or via their own laptop.

Public Transportation

Please see “Transportation within Seoul”

Refund Policy

Please see “Cancellation, Refund Policy and Responsibility”


Onsite Registration Fees
Participants USD 1’700
Day cards USD 800
Accompanying persons USD 425

Full conference registration includes:

  • 3-day business programme
  • Welcome Reception (Sunday)
  • Opening Ceremony (Monday)
  • Gala Dinner (Wednesday)
  • Lunches and coffee breaks
  • Conference material

Accompanying person’s registration includes:

  • Welcome Reception (Sunday)
  • Opening Ceremony (Monday)
  • Gala Dinner (Wednesday)
  • Accompanying person’s package

One-day registration includes:

  • Business programme (Monday or Tuesday or Wednesday)
  • Lunch and coffee breaks on respective day
  • Conference material

Onsite Registration
Participants registering onsite cannot be guaranteed to receive all congress documents. Therefore, please arrive early if you wish to register onsite. Please also note that the availability of hotel accommodation at that time may be limited.

Upon receipt of the correct registration fee, each participant will receive a confirmation of registration. Please bring this confirmation to the Registration Desk at the conference centre as proof of your registration.

Cancellation / Refund Policy
Refund of registration fees, less 25 % administrative charges, could have been applied for in writing at the Administrative Secretariat in Basel until 8 August 2012. After this date a refund is no longer possible.

Name Changes
A fee of USD 30 will be charged for name changes. For on-site changes of name badges due to incorrect submission of name and / or address data, a fee of USD 20 will be charged.

General Remark / Responsibility
The participant acknowledges that he / she has no right to lodge damage claims against the organisers should the holding of the conference be hindered or prevented by political events (such as acts of terrorism, danger of hostility, war, etc.) or by unexpected economic events or generally by force majeure, or should the non-appearance of speakers or other reasons necessitate programme changes. With his / her registration, the participant accepts this proviso.

Please see “Cancellation, Refund Policy and Responsibility”.


Secretariat before and after the Conference
FIDIC 2012
c/o Congrex Switzerland Ltd.
Peter Merian-Strasse 80, PO Box
4002 Basel, Switzerland
Tel: +41 61 686 77 77
Fax: +41 61 686 77 88

Secretariat during the Conference (Sunday – Wednesday)
FIDIC 2012
c/o Coex Convention & Exhibition Center – Entrance North Gate
159 Samsung-dong
Seoul 135-731, Korea

Shopping, VAT and Tax-Free Shopping

Unlike the USA or Europe, Korea’s shopping hours are unlimited. Shops in Myeong-dong and Insadong are usually open until 22.00, whereas Namdaemun Market and Dongdaemun Market are still open after midnigh giving you a taste of Korea’s late-night shopping culture. In Korea, sales taxes are included in the purchase price of each product at a rate of 10 %. Non-residents can claim the tax back on purchases over KRW 30’000 (including VAT). Before making a purchase, please ensure that the shop provides the required paperwork to make a claim. Refunds are given at the main international airports Incheon, Gimhae, Gimpo and Jeju.


Please note that smoking is not allowed on the conference grounds.

In Korea, smoking is generally not allowed in public spaces, including bars and restaurants and shopping malls as well as near historic sites. It is recommended to smoke only in designated smoking areas.

Speakers Service Centre (SSC)

Please refer to “Presenter / Speakers’’.

Special Meals

Conference lunches and coffee break items will contain neither pork nor lard; vegetarian food will always also be offered. Please contact the Secretariat for special requests.

Tax-Free Shopping

Please see “Shopping, VAT and Tax-Free Shopping”.


Taxi stands are easily found across the city. There are three types: general taxis, deluxe taxis and van taxis. The basic fare for general taxis is KRW 2’400. The fare is calculated on both the distance travelled and the time the trip takes. The fare between Incheon International Airport and downtown Seoul can be anywhere from KRW 36’000 to over KRW 100’000, depending on traffic. The other two taxi types are more expensive.


Tipping is not customary in Seoul, although a compulsory 10% service charge is added to the bill at some midrange and all top-end hotels and restaurants.


The tour programme can be booked online or onsite. For additional tours and special requests, please contact the Local Information Desk at the conference centre.


Please see “Language and Translation”.


Please note that there is no shuttle service provided between the hotels and the conference centre.

Shuttle buses will be provided for the Welcome Reception, Local Colour Night and Gala Dinner. Buses leave from and return to the conference centre.

Transportation within Seoul

The Coex Exhibition & Convention Center is located in the World Trade Center Complex in Gangnam District south of the Han River. There is easy access to the congress centre by public transportation. Participants taking subway line 2 need to disembark at Samseong Station. If they are taking the subway line 7, they have to exit at Cheongdam Station.

Seoul’s subway system (www.subwayworld.co.kr, www.smrt.co.kr) is modern, fast, clean, safe and cheap. The minimum fare is KRW 900 for approx. 12 km. Trains run every three minutes (every 20 minutes after midnight) from 05.30 – 01.00.

Seoul has a comprehensive and reasonably priced bus system (www.bus.go.kr) that operates from 05.30 to midnight. Some bus stops have bus route maps in English. Most buses have their major destinations written in English on the outside and they usually have a taped announcement of the names of each stop in English, but hardly any bus drivers understand English. There are four different bus types (blue, green, red and yellow) whereby the yellow buses mostly cover the tourist areas, major railway stations and shopping areas.

Travel from Incheon International Airport to downtown Seoul

The Airport Information Desk provides details on the buses or nominated hotels. With the completion of the Airport Railroad Express (AREX) subway line, visitors to Seoul now have a convenient option for travelling between Incheon Airport and Seoul. The AREX is comprised of two lines: an express line that runs directly from the Incheon Airport to Seoul Station with no stops in between (43-minute ride) and a commuter line which runs parallel to the express line and makes stops at major subway stations in the downtown area (53-minute ride).

Despite the opening of the AREX, airport limousine buses are still the most preferred transportation option for those with heavy bags and those travelling from Incheon Airport to areas in downtown Seoul not directly served by the AREX. If the traffic is good, it only takes an hour to travel from the airport to the heart of Seoul.


Coex Convention & Exhibition Center – North Gate
159 Samsung-dong
Seoul 135-731, Korea


Water quality is constantly monitored by the Office of Waterworks, Seoul Metropolitan Government. The water is considered safe and drinkable under UN criteria, although many locals still do not trust it.


Please see “Climate and Clothing”.


Free WiFi is available in the foyers of the conference centre.

Name: COEX Free WiFi

Please also see “Internet”.