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Dear conference delegates and guests


We are looking forward to welcoming you to Seoul, Korea, for the FIDIC 2012 World Consulting Engineering Conference.


Seoul, the capital of South Korea, will welcome you with over 600 years of history. The city has developed into a bustling metropolis, acting as a hub for political, economic, social and cultural matters. The mighty Han River runs through the heart of the city dividing Seoul into two: the northern part of the city, the focal point for culture and history, and the southern part, a well-known business district.


This year’s conference, with its challenging theme “Beyond Green – A New Paradigm”, will demonstrate that consulting engineers have played a major and important role in society by ensuring the development and implementation of sustainable solutions to global challenges that go well beyond the conventional “green” approach. The conference will help identify how the consulting engineering industry can continue to develop ways of addressing the future issues that will face us all. That is the reason why this conference will see the launch of FIDIC’s State of the World Report on Sustainable Infrastructure, a report that has been produced with the generous support of KENCA.


As FIDIC approaches its centenary in 2013, Seoul 2012 will highlight the consulting engineering industry’s successes and achievements in helping society implement sustainable solutions for today’s urgent global challenges. A key feature has been to ensure that the goals and aspirations of all stakeholders can continue to be met without compromising project quality and the expectations of clients and users. This has been achieved following largely traditional approaches to project procurement based on quantifying relevant experience, the expertise of individuals, the resources of firms, and management methodologies. The advent of globalisation and the stresses accompanying resource use, climate change and population growth were accommodated initially through the “greening” of society and engineering and later by introducing sustainability concepts.


Sustainable development will remain the primary driver for infrastructure investment, with Seoul 2012 demonstrating how the industry has successfully defined and implemented many new concepts that have become international standards of best practice.


The capital of Korea has hosted many international events including: the 1986 Asian Games, the 1988 Olympic Games and the 2002 Korea/Japan FIFA World Cup. The success of these events has shown that Seoul is truly an international city which manages the balancing act between its economic development and traditional background. It has a tremendous amount to offer, and we have an action-packed business programme and a number of spectacular social events for your pleasure and enjoyment.


Geoff French                                          Hun-Il Moon  

FIDIC President                                      KENCA Chairman