Security in Istanbul

Safety Statement after the terror attack in Ankara

Dear colleagues and friends,

The terrible news about the terror attack in Ankara on Saturday, 10 October 2015 has reached us all. Our hearts are with the victims and their families! This tragedy affects all of us.

With regard to the upcoming Worldsleep Conference 2015 in Istanbul, there are no changes in official travelling advices concerning Turkey. The general advice is to avoid any demonstrations or large gatherings and subway hubs. We should remain extra vigilant, besides follow any instructions given by local authorities.

The security measures taken before and during the election weekend, which will run in parallel to the Worldsleep conference, will even be reinforced and will ensure the highest possible level of security in Istanbul. The security support is also given by the Turkish Association of travel agencies, the convention bureau of Istanbul and the ICEC Conference Center. The security support letters are published below.

We feel assured that everything is done to keep the security at an adequate level and wish all participants welcome to Istanbul.

In the name of solidarity, it is our hope that international experts in the field of sleep medicine/research meet up and support our Turkish colleagues and fellowmen.

Philippe Peigneux
ESRS President 
Lino Nobili
Chair Local
Organising Committee
Clete A. Kushida
President of the World
Sleep Federation